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People's Voices in Policy Choices - Towards Climate Justice and Sustainable Development for Eco-system Communities
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INECC is a national network of organisations and individuals who connect on the issue of climate change from the perspective of marginalised communities.

It was formed in 1996 at the initiative of a few development practitioners who saw the link between the climate change crisis and the larger issues of sustainable development and social justice.

INECC works to bring climate change and sustainable development concerns of the marginalised majority into policy dialogues.

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INECC presented the Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum

By INECC | 17th and 19th October 2016

The INECC presented the lessons and learnings in the session on Ecosystem Based Adaptation. The session aimed to highlight grassroots experience of community resilience building for influencing adaptation policy in favor of the marginalised. The session highlighted a way forward that is inclusive of ecosystem based Climate Change education in the context of the SDGs.

Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Accountability & Civil Society Engagement in Jharkhand

By INECC | June 21 2016

INECC in collaboration with Laya and Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK) held a consultation with local state NGOs, CSOs and individuals to discuss CSR partnerships and corporate accountability from a sustainable development perspective in Jharkhand as well as the role that these partnerships could play to combat Climate Change while working together towards a sustainable Jharkhand.

Energy, Disaster and Development Challenges in Nepal- Lessons for SAARC

By INECC | March 31 2016

INECC organized project partner's meeting and a network meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal from the 28th till the 31st of March. A Panel Presentation on Energy, Disaster and Development Challenges in Nepal- Lessons for SAARC" was organized on the 30th of March with participation from Local Nepal based CSOs. A day long field visit to Lele VDC and the Cha Khola catchment in Indrawati sub basin provided the participants an opportunity for learning and exchange for strengthening Community resilience to Climate Change.

Yuva Drishti an INECC Youth Initiative

By INECC | February 23 2016

INECC, in collaboration with Laya, organized a three day youth program: “Building Socio-Ecological Resilience to Climate Change through Community-Based Development. Experiences and Reflections through INECC Partner Engagements.”

INECC working group on the SDGs

By INECC | February 13 2016

The INECC working group on the SDGs met on the 9th and 10th of February in Delhi to create an understanding around the SDGs that could add value to the work of the network at the grassroots.It explored its contribution to the development of global SDG indicators and identified a couple of goals and targets that it would engage with at the national level .More specifically, it was recognized that INECC with its outreach across states, plays an important role towards building capacities of officials and communities at the district / block / panchayat level for programme planning and reporting aligned with the SDGs.

INECC represents at COP21, Paris

By INECC | December 01 2015

At the CoPs, INECC delegation represents the interest of marginalized communities that it works within India.It endevours to decode the outcomes of the meetings for the poor and the vulnerable . It is involved with sharing insights at side events, interviews, networking meetings with national , regional and international stakeholders at the exhibit booth which showcases the network's work in India.

The two day workshop on Climate “Resilience for sustainable Communities”

By INECC | November 01 2015

The two day workshop on Climate “Resilience for sustainable Communities”- A Policy Perspective deliberated diverse approaches t o build community resilience across ecosystems. The workshop was spread over 5 sessions focusing on community resilience models, equitable energy, Climate Education, Climate Finance and policy discussions on SDGs and Climate Change. The workshop was attended by 57 participants from across 9 states in India.

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