Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC)

People's Voices in Policy Choices - Towards Climate Justice and Sustainable Development for Eco-system Communities

Key Thematic Areas of Work

  1. INECC works to bring people’s voices into policy choices. Its engagement with policy dialogue ranges from the local to the international.
  2. INECC creates spaces for dialogue for a diverse set of youth and individuals that focus on climate justice, international processes, campaigns and behavior change. It helps youth and individuals become catalysts for climate change. Through this, it democratizes and enables climate responses that are varied, responsible and equitable.
  3. INECC’s work helps to mainstream climate change into sustainable development processes. Its action research on vulnerabilities, livelihoods and adaptation views these and other areas like food security, health gender through a climate lens. It strongly emphasises climate education at various levels as a critical component of mainstreaming.
  4. Linking, learning and convergence defines how we share our experiences, learn from others, build collaborations and forge convergence with a variety of actors: NGO representatives, grassroots organisations, movements, academicians, researchers, scientists, etc.
  5. INECC’s work explores how pilots in diverse areas such as renewable energy clusters, decentralised waste and carbon-neutral Villages can lead to a larger climate action through replication and upscaling.
What we do
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