Extreme warming in Arctic will cause colder winters—and political gridlock

by Tom Laskawy, 11 Jun 2010

A warmer Arctic climate is influencing the air pressure at the North Pole and shifting wind patterns on our planet. We can expect more cold and snowy winters in Europe, eastern Asia and eastern North America...


Why the US Does Not Believe in Multilateralism

by Harald Winkler, EPW, March 27, 2010 Vol xlv No 13

... A scenario of “oligo-lateralism” would allow the US to rewrite the rules, while it still can. We urgently need to design a more equitable, inclusive and therefore effective multilateralism..

Bolivia provides resistance and hope at Brokenhagen

by Nick Buxton,Transnational Institute, Jan 8 2010

Thanks to the courage of Bolivia and a few other nations – and against huge pressure and threats to sign the deal - the UN did not endorse or adopt the vacuous Copenhagen Accord but instead were forced to use the much weaker language of “noting” it...




IPCC flooded by criticism

by Quirin Schiermeier

Climate body slammed for errors and potential conflicts of interest...



2009 was India's hottest year ever

By Neha Lalchandani, TNN, 7 February 2010

You might have been feeling the heat for a while but it's official now -- 2009 was the hottest year ever recorded in India and almost a degree warmer than usual. ..

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