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Pre Copenhagen Discussions

By D. Raghunandan,Delhi Science Forum

D. Raghunandan explains the Politics of Climate Change.

He goes on to explains what position India is taking .

WHAT position should/can India take? .

D Raghunandan throws light on the GHG emmisions

levels of the Annex1 and Non-Annex countries and their proposed reductions.

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Climate Change & Bangalore: Science, Politics and Action

by Dr Sharachchandra Lele, ATREE

Dr Lele presented an overview of historical temperatures and evidence of change, the politics of who is to blame and how much?
who should respond and how much? India's position so far and finally the bangalore level issues for action. Possible overlaps which will encourage  mitigation actions for climate change
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The Science of Climate Change

by Dr J Sreenivasan,Professor,CAOS,IISc, Bangalore


Dr Sreenivasan tries to clear some of the myths created by the media.He goes on to explain the Science of Climate change and that the effects  are basically sudden and abrupt .



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Carbon footprint of Bangalore City's waste management system

by Dr.Hoysall Chanakya,Director,Centre for Sustainable Technologies, IISc;


Dr Chanakya explains how the different types of wastes Animal/Human,Municipal Solid Wastes,Garden Wastes/USW because of the current methods of waste management  results in Methane emmisions.

But on a positive side we can look at Methane gas not only as global warming potential but also as a source of energy if treated wisely.

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Impact on Eco-Systems

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Climate Change - What has el nino got to do with it?
Adaptation – and mitigation happens; and so does food security!
The UNFCCC COPs and India
Earth spirituality - a new eco-social paradigm
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