Indian Network on Ethics and Climate Change (INECC)

People's Voices in Policy Choices - Towards Climate Justice and Sustainable Development for Eco-system Communities


Laya, an NGO in Andhra Pradesh, India, has introduced two technologies of efficient woodstoves and bio-sand waterfilters in a remote tribal area in East Godavari District, in Andhra Pradesh. Learn about how these technologies can help the lives of these marginalised communities while also saving carbon emissions.

This is a video which has interviews with 6 people working in the climate context in 6 different marginalized countries (Bangladesh, Zambia, Israel, South Africa, Nicaragua and the Pacific Islands) of the world on the perspective of adaptation. Their views are varied and nuanced based on the geographies and the political systems based on their countries' history. The aim of the video is to give a multitude of perspectives on adaptation so as to feed into our understanding of adaptation.

The film questions the current architecture of Clean Development Mechanism ( CDM) and its role in furthering sustainable Development and safeguarding human rights. It posits alternative people centric mechanism like the VER ( Verified emission reduction) based on its work at the grassroots . VER brings about 'real' development for the ones who need it the most while also addressing carbon cuts.

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