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INECC presented the Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum

By INECC | 17th and 19th October 2016

The INECC presented the lessons and learnings in the session on Ecosystem Based Adaptation. The session aimed to highlight grassroots experience of community resilience building for influencing adaptation policy in favor of the marginalised. The session highlighted a way forward that is inclusive of ecosystem based Climate Change education in the context of the SDGs.

U.S. And India Announce ‘Cooperation’ On Climate Change

President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Sunday that the two countries will work together to fight global climate change, laying out a set of goals that the two countries hope “will expand policy dialogues and technical work on clean energy and low greenhouse gas emissions technologies.”

Suppliers in USA, Brazil, China and India least resilient against climate change risks finds new global study from CDP and Accenture

Lack of preparation currently leaves supply chains in Brazil, China, India and the United States more vulnerable to climate risks than those in Europe and Japan. However, suppliers in China and India deliver the greatest financial return on investment to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrate the strongest appetite for collaboration across the value chain. This according to research released today by CDP, the international NGO formerly called Carbon Disclosure Project, and Accenture.

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